keep it simple. the productivity app that helps you stay intentional in the digital world. it is almost like pen and paper.

🦊 plan simply.

⏰ take time intentionally.

🎉 have fun.

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Attempt to be a digital bullet journal - dibujo - with all the simple ideas the paper bullet journal offers. Pages, collections, bullets.

Use the sidebar for easy and careful reflection.

Control it with your keyboard.

This current version is only a prototype. Test. Tinker. Explore. If you like it and are excited to use the final product, sign up for the waiting list.

📚 Comparison

Bullet Journal.

It all started here. This is the origin. The pen and paper version of the bullet journal. It helps you be intentional and productive. It is the intersection between what to do and why to do it.

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Notion helps you to have everything in one place. Avoid too many tools and too much chaos. Notion is just great. If you are already using Notion, try out the bullet journal template below.

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Be intentional in the digital space. Have your bullet journal always with you. Don't get overwhelmed by a ton of features. It's almost like pen and paper. Simply bullets. Simply pages.

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🧱 Pricing

✏️ journaler. dibujo is available for free.

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✋ supporter. if you like using dibujo, you can become a supporter via patreon.

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🎁 Purpose

We are easily enticed to do more and more. But I don't believe doing only a few things is the solution. We should be doing enough. The tool that help me find enough - after trying a bunch of productivity tools that never felt right - is the Bullet Journal Method.

I'm a fan of bullet journaling and I use it day-by-day. The goal of dibujo is to try bring the same intentional experience to the digital space. If you are avoiding pen and paper, I hope dibujo can bring intentionality and the feeling of enough into your life from a digital angle.

🙃 Fun Fact.

dibujo stands for digital bullet journal. It is also a Spanish word and means drawing.

🍉 About

Hi, I'm Kemal. I'm the designer and creator of dibujo. I started dibujo as a learning project of mine. I wanted to learn more about programming and frontend development with Vue.js. Next would be to learn more about backend development with Django so that I can finalize dibujo and you can actually use it. Visit my website to learn more about me.

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